Echo Plus Mobile App

Unfiltered. Unstoppable.

What is Echo Plus?

Mobile app for iOS and Android

Echo Plus allows clients to send messages directly to customers without having to use SMS texting services. Customers subscribe to the client's "channel" by entering an Echo Code or by scanning a QR code on location. We have also integrated free back-and-forth messaging the same as how customers replied via texts in the past. Replies will deliver the same way they did before, either through SMS texts or the Replies Page.

How much will it cost?

Much less than our texting packages

We are releasing the app for clients to use for free for an introductory time. The good news is that this type of messaging does not have the same 3rd party costs associated with it and pricing will be significantly cheaper than SMS texting. A monthly subscription model will be implemented for Echo Plus. We’re looking to price the monthly packages around the $100-$500 range for most clients.

Why should we use it?

Send unfilitered messages at any time of the day

While SMS texting allowed clients to send messages to new customers with no customer sign-up, it has drawbacks. First, as we all now know, we are all at the mercy of the mobile carriers and intermediate gatekeepers with SMS. Secondly, the cost can get up there as your customer base grows. Third, you are limited by FCC regulations on what you can say in a message and when you can send messages. With a mobile app all of these restrictions are gone. You can send unfiltered messages to your subscribers at any time of the day without using any texting credits.

How will we get customers to download the app?

Ease of install plus multi-client adoption

Echo Plus can be downloaded by simply scanning an on-location QR code with your phone’s camera app. The same QR code also acts as an instant subscription to your channel for those with or without the app installed. When Client A adopts Echo Plus it makes it much easier for Client B to convince customers to download the app. The more client coverage we have the more likely your customers will be to adopt the app. Clients can work together to make this the go-to app for industry messaging.

What if customers still don’t want to download the app?

Built-in loyalty system rewards accounts for being subscribed

Built into the app is the ability to award subscribers with a Loyalty Reward. How clients use this feature will be up to them. A simple example could be offering a free hour of time for each month that a user stays subscribed or entering accounts who are subscribed into a more more complete rewards program. The app uses Echo Texting's Reward Coupons that already exist on the website. You simply assign a coupon to your channel and accounts who are subscribed to your channel and have notifications enabled will be able to present their reward coupon on location when they wish to redeem their reward. This incentive can be as broad as your imagination.